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The Defense Media Activity FY 2014-2017 Strategic Plan is the result of its leadership and staff looking to grow its capabilities in quality and efficiency. It was prepared with strong consideration of the changes in the communications and information exchange landscape and the challenging budgetary times for the Department of Defense. The plan seeks to provide a road map using these two realities to evaluate the potential opportunities and challenges. This four-year plan focuses on the Defense Media Activity’s future within the Department of Defense and the ever changing global communications environment.

Media communication has made a significant transformation in the past eight years since the decision to create the DMA was made. At that time no one envisioned the world-wide changes that we face in the media and mobile communications arena today. For this reason, we first analyzed our reason for existence and the importance of our mission with stakeholders and our global audience. With today’s landscape of social media and mobile communications, the department and military service unique communication needs have become even more vital. DMA provides the capability for the defense community to converse with its audiences through a variety of communications platforms not available through commercial communications avenues.

We began to take a hard look at ourselves with a complete top-down internal review that evaluated our mission and operational alignment. We also conducted a bottom-up review via an employee survey and by engaging our military service and DoD stakeholders to complete the study. The results were enlightening as we discovered some organizational structural challenges caused by the communications capability program consolidations that formed DMA.

We also looked at ourselves within the DoD construct, taking into account the President’s guidance in our National Security Strategy, Secretary of Defense Guidance, the Quadrennial Defense Review, and other guiding documents. Furthermore, we analyzed the requirements from the Government Performance and Results Act Modernization Act of 2010 (GPRAMA) and OPM Circular No. A-11 to ensure we had the right focus on mission and performance. We balanced all of this information in our strategy formulation as highlighted throughout this plan.

As you will see from our results and planning for our future; the Defense Media Activity is resourced and aligned to be the primary internal communications tool for the Department of Defense and each of its military services. The goals focus both internally and externally, as we strive to deal with the ever changing environment. The objectives provide us short and mid-term aims to adjust as needed in our fast-pace world of media communications. These goals and objectives are also measurable for accountability and capability adjustments towards further improving our services. With our sights set on a team effort to accomplish our mission, this plan seeks to position the Defense Media Activity to be, "the #1 media community for America’s Defense conversation."