U.S. Pacific Command Outreach


DINFOS Supports PACOM’s Guiding Principles

Partnerships * Presence * Unity of Effort * Communication

Strengthen alliances and partnerships
  • DINFOS trains international students on PA best-practices to build partner capacity and enhance interoperability in the PACOM AOR.
Enhance enduring presence in region
  • DINFOS-trained partners enable more effective engagement; instruction offers planners a security cooperation activity to include as part of PACOM's Theater Campaign Plan.
Support broadest possible involvement of regional counterparts
  • DINFOS’ interagency training leverages whole-of-government solutions in resolving regional security challenges.
Clearly convey U.S. intent and resolve
  • DINFOS-trained PAs provide regional context and mitigate the potential for misunderstanding among diverse audiences.

Public Affairs Course for International Students

PACIS facilitates multinational cooperation and information sharing. Graduates of the five-week course produce a capstone communication plan, addressing their nation’s regional security and operational challenges.


International Course Brochure | International Course Video | DINFOS Website

PACOM AOR – DINFOS Students by Country since 2000

Philippines 27

  • Projected for FY14 - 2

Korea - 19

  • Projected for FY14 - 2

Nepal - 6

  • Projected for FY14 - 1

Malaysia - 5

Bangladesh - 4

Thailand - 3

Indonesia -1

Australia - 1