U.S. Pacific Command Outreach

American Forces Network

AFN delivers a “touch of home” news, information and entertainment programming through multi-channel television, radio, web, social media and mobile applications to DOD overseas communities and forces stationed in 170+ countries.

We provide top-rated American television programs seen stateside and distribute international, national and military radio news, commentary, talk show and music.

We produce and distribute broadcast information products to convey DOD, regional (COCOM) and local commander messages and themes.

Direct to Sailor brings AFN “lite” to 192 Navy and Coast Guard ships via TV and radio.

AFN logo

We connect the commanders to their troops, families and communities

On the Horizon

  • AFN 360 Internet Streaming Radio provides regional and local information on ALL radio channels
  • AFN in HD
  • Spots on a Box brings DOD, regional and local information on ALL TV channels
“A soldier who is well-informed and knows this country’s national goals has good reason for being motivated, and that gives him a fighting edge…it makes him a better soldier.”
Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, July 3, 1943