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Dolores Francis, Esquire
Acting General Counsel
Ft. Meade, Maryland
(301) 222-6302
Thomas Tinti, Esquire
Deputy General Counsel
American Forces Network-Broadcast Center
Riverside, California
(951) 413-6742
William Gardiner, Esquire
Legal Counsel, Stars & Stripes
Washington, DC
(202) 761-0900
Dawn Walker
Ethics Program Specialist
Ft. Meade, Maryland
(301) 222-6844
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The Mission of the General Counsel
The mission of the Office of the General Counsel is to provide a full range of legal and legislative guidance and services to the Director, senior managers, and staff of the DMA on media operations, products and services, including but not limited to:

  • visual information;
  • print publications;
  • radio and television news, information, and entertainment programming;
  • joint public affairs, broadcasting, and visual information training and
  • web operations, emerging internet, mobile, and related media.

In accomplishing this mission, the Office of General Counsel provides advice and support in the areas of:

  • intellectual property law (copyrights and trademarks);
  • personnel and labor law;
  • freedom of information and privacy matters;
  • legal clearance of broadcast, print and visual information materials;
  • international agreements;
  • acquisition and procurement law;
  • communications, broadcasting, cable and emerging distribution technologies laws, rules and regulations;
  • negotiations with major networks, broadcast unions and guilds, sports associations and leagues, program syndicators and distributors, and foreign performing rights societies; and
  • negotiations regarding satellite rules and regulations; and rules regarding publications and periodicals such as European and Pacific Stars and Stripes, and the Soldier, Airman, All Hands, and Marines magazines.

   The Office of General Counsel additionally

  • prepares and reviews for legal sufficiency directives, instructions, memorandums, and correspondence for the signature of the Director, DMA
  • provides legal opinions that incorporate recommendations for specific remedial actions or alternative proposals to accomplish desired results in ways that are legally sufficient and in accordance with policy while avoiding undesirable consequences;
  • drafts legislation or prepare complete reports on changes in existing law; and
  • evaluates proposed and newly enacted legislation to identify their impact on DMA programs and policies.

The General Counsel of DMA serves as the Deputy Designated Agency Ethics Official (Deputy DAEO) for all personnel, military and civilian, assigned to DMA with the same authority and responsibilities as those of the DAEO under applicable ethics and standards of conduct regulations; and serves asThe Chief Civil Liberties and Privacy Officer for DMA.

The information contained in this Web site is provided for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as legal advice on any matter. The transmission and receipt of information contained on this Web site, in whole or in part, or communication with the Office of General Counsel via the Internet through this Web site does not constitute or create an attorney-client relationship between us and any recipient. The material on this Web site is intended, but not promised or guaranteed, to be correct, complete, and current. The content and interpretation of the law addressed herein is subject to revision. We disclaim all liability in respect to actions taken or not taken based on any or all the contents of this site. Do not act upon information contained in this Web site without seeking or consulting with the Office of General Counsel. The Office of General Counsel does not intend that any third-party information that may be accessed through this Web site to be referrals or endorsements of the linked information or entities. Nothing contained in this Web site is intended as a source of advertising, solicitation, or legal advice.